Traditionally Grown Cranberries from Downeast Maine


 We are offering the adoption of 100 sq ft plot on our cranberry bogs for $150.00. This is similar to a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program, which is a great way for consumers to get fresh, locally grown products from a farmer, but YOU get to harvest your own “crop”!

Since we have three (3) varieties of cranberries, you will get to choose which you would prefer Howes (the heirloom variety, which is a late variety and has the “old fashioned” cranberry flavor), Stevens, our most popular cranberry (the “big ones”), or Pilgrims (largest...good for juice).


The Adopt-A-Bog cranberry grower will receive:

  • An assigned plot on the bog of variety chosen
  • A map, certificate, and picture of your “bog” (this DOES NOT give you any property rights and any visits must be made with prior arrangements and scheduling with Sugar Hill Cranberry Co.)

  • A monthly update from May until Harvest and special invitation in July to see the bog in bloom and watch the pollination of cranberry flowers along with a quick tour.

  • A 30 lb box of cranberries in an old wooden antique (¼ barrel) cranberry box. You will harvest your own plot using our cranberry scoop (we will not ship, pick up only). After harvesting your cranberries, you will be able to sort on our antique cranberry separator.

  • There will be two harvest dates in October (weather pending). This is a dry (fresh fruit) harvest so no special gear needed.

  • For those “growers”, who are not able to harvest and are 'from away', we will offer 20# of fresh cranberries shipped.

  • A selection of our favorite cranberry recipes!

We do use approved IPM (Integrated Pest Management) practices as outlined by the State of Maine (and Massachusetts) and are not organic.

We are a working farm, so those who visit and/or harvest must be mindful or their surroundings and children need to be closely monitored and supervised.

Lunch of lobster roll, chips, and drink will be provided for an additional $15 (on a scheduled visit)

For more information, please contact us at



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Preferred Variety:  Stevens                     Howes                    Pilgrims

Please submit $150 payment to:

Sugar Hill Cranberry Co.

256 Sacarap Rd.

Columbia, ME 04623

or via PayPal to (find on our PRODUCTS page)